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UL Certified Mercantile Systems

These are high security systems typically used in bank and high-end retail applications where complete security is required, often times by your insurance company. While we cannot go into detail here about the extent of protection offered, we would like to visit with you in person to discuss your system needs.

Residential Alarm Systems

Family Security From Intruder Alert Systems It's a fact -- many burglars are scared off by just the presence of a security system. Burglars attack unprotected homes up to 3 times more often than homes with an electronic security system. Maybe you're ready to invest in a home security system.  

Just what is a "good" system?  Well, it's not one that's bought in a panic hours after your home has been ransacked. A good standard system protects the entire perimeter of (around) your home. It alerts you and lets the intruder know he's been detected. It limits damage and it brings help and, it's easy to use. 

Basic elements of a standard system include: a control panel , a siren, a inside motion detector, and door and window contacts. It should be linked to a central monitoring station for around the clock coverage. In addition to monitoring  your system by the phone line, you can also receive long range radio backup monitoring.  This ensures your system can still be monitored by our Central Station even if the phone line is cut.

Family Security From Intruder Alert SystemsIntruder alert systems offers any level of protection that you require.  We will perform a no obligation security system survey and demonstration for free.

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