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UL Certified Mercantile Systems

These are high security systems typically used in bank and high-end retail applications where complete security is required, often times by your insurance company. While we cannot go into detail here about the extent of protection offered, we would like to visit with you in person to discuss your system needs.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Business Security From Intruder Alert Systems It's a fact - businesses large and small are prime targets for intruders. When you leave the business, there are no neighbors to watch your property. Intruders consider a business an easy target. Or maybe it's fire that you are concerned about - early detection can save property and structures. May be you're business has grown to the point that you need to control access to certain areas of the building. You might also need to consider installing cameras to monitor specific area, or to help prevent fraud and theft from your company.

Intruder Alert systems, Inc. can help you in each of theses areas. We offer security systems from basic to the latest state of the art advanced systems, customized to your desires. We have our own U.L. listed Central Station here in San Antonio to monitor your security and fire alarm systems.

We can also design an access control system around your companies' needs that can allow access to common area, and restrict access to specific areas to only those who are authorized. Our systems provide audit trails and a easy computer interface for total system control.

Business Security From Intruder Alert Systems Intruder Alert Systems, Inc. can also design and install a closed circuit T.V. (CCTV) system to fit your needs. Options include black and white or color cameras, on site analog or digital recording, and remote off site viewing is available. We even offer remote video monitor as an option. If your alarm is tripped, we can call your CCTV system from our Central Station and determine if there is a situation that warrants a police dispatch or other action.

We at Intruder Alert Systems, Inc. make it a point to be on the leading edge of technology in all security fields.

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