Don't Miss a Thing with Closed Circuit TV from IAS

Intruder Alert Systems can design your CCTV system from a basic camera and monitor to multiple Digital Video Recorders and cameras with remote internet access. We offer analog and digital IP systems satisfy your security needs. 

CCTV systems can be a great management tool for business owners and managers, a great form of insurance for that potential "slip and fall" lawsuit, and an excellent deterrent for theft of property for both homes and business.

cctvLook in on your CCTV from your smart phone or tablet

A growing number of tablet devices and smart phones are now able to view your CCTV video feed wherever a cell or WiFi connection is available. Check on the house, your kids or your business while you are away to make sure all is well. Don't worry, our 24-hour monitoring service will notify you of any disturbances whether you've been watching or not!

Let Intruder Alert Systems design your CCTV to give you the complete picture

cctvIntruder Alert makes it a point to be on the leading edge of technology in all aspects of CCTV systems. We will perform a no obligation security survey to
show you how easy it is to protect your business and employees with CCTV for residential and commercial security. Call IAS at 210-494-4900 to put CCTV to work for you.

Watch some of the ways CCTV can increase your awareness and safety



  VITEK: Port Forwarding Basics
with AT&T 2-Wire
Live Video Viewing with the
Salient Video Client
AXIS M1031-W Network Camera AXIS P33 Network Camera Series  
VITEK: Port Forwarding Basics with AT&T 2-Wire CompleteView Video Client: Live Video Viewing AXIS M1031-W Network Camera