Managed Access Control Systems

card readerAccess Control Systems not only control access to your business, but also allow you to track employees as they come and go. You'll can have a complete hard copy record of access to each area of your building protected by your system. An access scheduling feature can limit unauthorized access during certain hours of the day, including when your business is closed. You'll know who came and went, at what times, and if they were authorized to be there.

Managed Access takes the worry out of managing your security

Our live access control monitoring services will track your building security 24/7. Our management services include monitoring, recording and hard copy reports of access to and from your facilities. We'll inform you immediately of system alerts, alarms or any other irregularities. Per your advance or real-time instructions, we can notify law enforcement or other emergency responders.

Access Control components designed for convenience and protection

Your can choose from a basic card reader system or an advanced biometric access control system. Biometric devics use fingerprint identification to provide even more secure access to all or parts of your facility.

At your discretion, your employees can enjoy the convenience of intelligent ID card or fob-based systems for access to your building at specified days and times.

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Make sure only authorized personnel are allowed access to your building or to sensitive areas which you specify.

How RS2 Access Control Software
helps protect your business

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